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Now that we’ve set the context for emergency preparedness in the first course “1-Begin Here…,” we’re ready to turn our focus to our next courses:

  • Sheltering in Place
  • Evacuation

In this course, we cover the practical aspects of sheltering in place. The need to stay in one place could arise from a number of possible emergencies such as pandemics, power outages, winter storms, food shortages, supply chain issues, tornados, or other natural disasters. 

The course begins with several recorded video presentations on the topic of sheltering in place. After the videos, you’ll see a section with resource information and practical suggestions on how to prepare in the event you are unable to leave your home for an extended period of time. 

This course is full of down-to-earth information, teachings, and inspiration for getting yourself, your family, and your home prepared – no matter what the emergency that might force you to shelter in place. Even if you have done some work on this area already, there will still be a lot of new information for you to incorporate into your preparations. 

There is also inspiration from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady – they always give a spiritual perspective to help us work our preparations from the deepest part of our hearts and souls.

During the time of a disaster the number one reason we will survive is because we will be prepared and we will be able to give to others.

Kalindi – December 31, 2008

We thank you for participating in this program. We sincerely hope that you find it helpful.

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Center of The Golden One and the presenters of this program are not experts in emergency and disaster preparedness; we have, however, done some homework in “preparedness” and want to share with you some of what we have learned so far. Our goal here is simply to introduce you to this important and timely subject, and inspire you to take the action you feel necessary. You, of course, are ultimately responsible for your own preparation and the well-being of yourselves and your loved ones.