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We are so glad you are interested in learning how to prepare for a variety of potential emergency situations you may be faced with. As we know, events that can dramatically affect our lives can truly happen at any time. Every day in the news we hear of new disasters happening and the immense devastation they are causing. Every year people lose their homes, are injured, and even die because they were not well prepared for the unexpected. Preparation can mean the difference between life and death, sickness and health, anxiety and comfort for ourselves and those we love.

We begin the Emergency Preparedness Program by setting some context about why we want to be prepared. Individually and collectively, we will likely face some rough times ahead due to earth changes and all sorts of inevitable natural and man-made disasters: epidemics, fires, earthquakes, famine, social unrest, refugees, war, terrorism, crime, economic crises. These disasters can cause shortages of food, water, and clean air — the necessities of life. Being prepared can help prevent some of the worst outcomes of these disasters. 

Our desire is to help you approach emergency preparedness, not only with practical tools and information you can use in your preparation efforts, but also with an awareness grounded in a spiritual perspective. The Founders of Center of The Golden One spoke many times about having the consciousness of calm, love, and giving in the midst of whatever material catastrophes may befall us. This is not necessarily an easy approach to take, but our Founders brought many spiritual teachings and practices that greatly help in being able to prepare internally for difficult situations.  

So, this program is not only helping all us become materially prepared for emergencies, but it is also about helping us start to come together and to be ready to really give, love, and help those who need it in times of trouble.  Kalindi, Spiritual Master for the World and one of the Center’s Founders, urgently and desperately spoke about the importance of this consciousness being embraced worldwide.  

We are in the deepest gratitude to our Founders, 
Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady 
for what they have given to us and for being able to turn around and give it to you.

This Emergency Preparedness Program offers several courses:

  • Course 1: Setting the Context for Emergency Preparedness, which you are doing now,
  • Course 2: Sheltering in Place,
  • Course 3: Evacuation,
  • Course 4: Communication and Disaster Planning – which will be added in early 2023.

There are also two more courses: Want to Learn More? and How We Can Support Each Other, that you can also access to find articles, suggestions, and personal support.

We wish for you to find some peace of mind by taking some of the practical steps given in this program – with the knowing that, by doing so, you will be more able to help yourself and others in times of crisis.

We thank you for participating in this program. We sincerely hope that you find it helpful.

Center of The Golden One Emergency Prep Task Force

Need Support?

At any time you can ask a question to Bartleby and Mary or share what’s happening for you in your preparation efforts.   Click HERE to access our worldwide community’s open discussion page.

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All of the courses in this Emergency Preparedness Program are offered free of charge. However, if you feel inspired to make a donation to Center of The Golden One, you can do that by clicking HERE.


Center of The Golden One and the presenters of this program are not experts in emergency and disaster preparedness; we have, however, done some homework in “preparedness” and want to share with you some of what we have learned so far. Our goal here is simply to introduce you to this important and timely subject, and inspire you to take the action you feel necessary. You, of course, are ultimately responsible for your own preparation and the well-being of yourselves and your loved ones.