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Welcome to the Worldwide Public Meditation Leaders Power School Learning site. The site is a resource for you that can be used to deepen your capacity to lead meditations. The key to becoming a good meditation leader is to embody the meditation practice.  Your depth of understanding and application of the meditation practice is what will ultimately become your greatest resource.  Practice is the key.  It is important that you become self-realized in the meditation practice so you can talk in a practical way about how to use the GMP to better your well-being and life and to develop a personal relationship with God. 

You can also learn from reading books like “The Radical Path” and other books from the founders of Center of The Golden One, studying talks from Kalindi, Gourasana, and The Lady, listening to experienced leaders’ meditations, receiving personal coaching from a more experienced GMP Leader, and participating in the world wide calls that are offered twice a year. 

There are a variety of resources included in the website.  Perhaps most important are The Lady’s Standards for meditation leaders.  Study them and work to apply her direction as you continue to grow in the use of the GMP  in your own life.  You will also find sample meditations, teachings, quotes, and signs, to name a few.  Unless otherwise noted, you are free to use these when delivering a meditation.  

The GMP team in Denver as well as the Area Leaders around the world will continue to add resources to this site, so use it frequently. This site will continue to evolve over time.