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There are many ways we can support each other with our emergency preparedness. We can divide tasks with the people we live with, we can talk to our friends and neighbors about emergency preparedness, and we can share our experiences with support groups and buddies. This course gives you more opportunities to support each other. 

In the first unit below, you can support each other on our Worldwide Community Discussion page. You can share what’s happening for you, respond to other people’s sharing, and discuss your experiences from both a material and spiritual perspective. 

There is also a unit where you can share information and resources with people who live in your area. In the first section, you can share local information about where to get supplies by posting on a spreadsheet and you can also find resources that you need by reviewing the postings.

You can also support each other with a virtual “swap meet.” Here you can offer supplies to others by posting them on a spreadsheet or type in something you need, that others may have and can give to you.

We hope this course will help you find ways to share with each other as we work together to prepare for whatever emergencies may come our way.


Center of The Golden One and the presenters of this program are not experts in emergency and disaster preparedness; we have, however, done some homework in “preparedness” and want to share with you some of what we have learned so far. Our goal here is simply to introduce you to this important and timely subject, and inspire you to take the action you feel necessary. You, of course, are ultimately responsible for your own preparation and the well-being of yourselves and your loved ones.