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How to Use this Resource Manual:

This manual is designed to be used as a source of information during your end-of-life care planning process. It is not intended to be read in its entirety, but rather to enable you to explore areas of importance and to direct you to further information you may need. These pages will give you some suggestions and direction, but you will need to take the steps necessary to understand your needs and how they can be addressed through these resources. Individual actions will vary from person to person.

You will find information on many topics related to planning for old age, disease and death. The topics include:

  • Insurance including health, life, and disability.
  • Government programs and resources at the Federal, State and local level.
  • Legal documents.
  • Financials concerns.
  • Residential care facilities with checklists about how to evaluate and select an appropriate facility.
  • Preparing family and friends.
  • Disposition of the body.

We hope that these pages will be helpful to you as you think through and develop your plans. It is a highly personal process to determine what resources you need, who you will involve in your care should you need it, and how you leave your affairs in an easily understandable state for others to fulfill your wishes.

With love and encouragement,

The End-of-Life Planning Group