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WELCOME to Living God-Consciousness – 
a 30-Day+ Transformative Experience!

This Living God-Consciousness course is an opportunity for you to evolve internally from a place of choice and devotion, reflect internal changes in your material life and environment, and manifest beauty , love, care and devotion in all aspects of your life.

To begin, please download and read the Invitation to this course and a Welcome Letter by using the links below:.


Below is a wonderful quote from Kalindi. We encourage you to read it every day before you begin your program for the day as a source of inspiration.

Getting Started::

  • After you read the Introduction, you can start your course by opening the tab “Opening Event – Day 1.” 
  • An important part of your course will be to practice spiritual activities each day of the course. There is information about spiritual practices and resources to help you choose the spiritual activities you want to practice in the “After the Opening Event” sections of the course.
  • We recommend that you journal while you are taking the course! You can write down your questions, realizations and triumphs as well as make a note of things that inspire you.
  • Watch for a “Materials” tab in some of the sections. There will be helpful materials to download for your program.