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WELCOME to Living God-Consciousness – 
a 30+ Day Transformative Experience!

We are living a life of incredible transformation! 

This Living God-Consciousness course is an opportunity for you to learn: 

  • how to change our environment and daily lives to reflect how we are evolving spiritually.
  • how to manifest the beauty, love, care and devotion that we are finding in our connection with the Divine in how we act, how we live, and how we dress . . . God is everywhere. 


The quote from Kalindi will be an integral part of your course. Please download the quote below.
We encourage you to read it every day as a source of inspiration.

Getting Started::

  • Begin by reading the first unit below to plan and schedule how you will move through the course in the next 30+ days. Then move down through the units in the order they are listed.
  • For your convenience, you can go to the final unit to download all materials for the course. The materials are provided as needed in each unit as well.
  • We recommend that you journal while you are taking the course. You can write down your questions, realizations and triumphs as well as make note of things that inspire you.