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Welcome to the June 2016 Go Deeper Day

Go Deeper Days are days to go deeper in our transformations. They are days to go deeper with the teachings presented and to go deeper within with Gourasana. This day is for those who want to get as close to God as they can and for those who want this to be their last lifetime.

Vince is the Medical Counsel for the Mission, however, he is speaking in the capacity of a spiritual leader in presenting this Go Deeper Day. Please do not take any of the medical or scientific information he shares as anything other than illustrating how the illusion can prevent us from focusing on our spiritual goals. Let the information drive you within to find the truth for yourself. Move with whatever is helpful for you and if something doesn’t resonate with you, don’t worry about it. If you have questions, you can send them to Tamara (

Vince’s objectives today are that we get more freed up from health and body concerns, physical limitations, and that we learn to tame the mind. He intends to expose potentially binding illusions so we can get freer of the illusions that bind us. Vince plays talks from Kalindi and follows each talk with an expansion on Kalindi’s teachings. Vince’s overall point is that we need to transcend our preoccupation with the body if we are to succeed in becoming free from it. Our bodies are not who we are.

The day started at 10:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm and had several breaks. There are six videos that comprise the day. Five of them are talks and one is a meditation. Watch the videos in order. The meditation is a video file, but you can close your eyes and meditate, as there is only a picture on the screen.

If you have any questions during the videos, write them down and when you are done with the whole day, if you haven’t answered your own questions, you are welcome to send the questions to Tamara (